01 June, 2010

more writing!

Hi all,

Found someone for the interview I asked about last time, thanks! You'll see his name on the dot soon ;-)

There is however another writing job I have which is a bit different. At the last KDE marketing sprint we started working on a booklet which has as goal to introduce newcomers to KDE and it's products. This booklet has been shaping up nicely but there are a few things which need some more work and some reviewing would be great. Let me include the todo here:

* Add a few succes stories!

* On the bottom, help is needed from a developer or someone familiar with development to give some clues on how developers can get involved - more practical things. And some teasers like "phonon makes multimedia easy" or something.

* There should be a few more games mentioned in the learn & play section, maybe also some mor edu?

* Communicate needs text about KDE PIM

* Create needs a bit more text about KWord, KSpread etc

* the first page with short texts is not complete yet.

* introduction needs to be discussed

* reviewing text

* Screenshots

* Layout

* final review

* printing and celebrating!

This booklet can be a great source of information to people completely unaware of who we are and what we do, and thus make a great addition to booth boxes. Try to look at it from that perspective - if you know little of computers and nothing of KDE, what would you like to know?

As you see I've put 'add a few success stories' on top - I think it is very important to show our audience what we have accomplished already. A big deployment or two would rock. I've already written a piece about KHTML vs WebKit, it needs review of course and having more such stories would be great.

And as usual: if you doubt you'd be helpful, add your ideas and text anyway. Maybe add a comment - but in general, others will go over it and it'll turn out much better and far more useful than you might think ;-)

The current text can be found here:

Special thanks to those who have already contributed - Luca Beltrame, Stuart Jarvis, Justin Kirby, Roger Pixley, Carl Symons, Vivek Prakash, Lydia Pintscher, Valerie Hoh, Pradeepto, Frederik Gladhorn, Daniel Laidig, Eckhart Woerner, Claudia Rauch AND YOU?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions but keep in mind: pretty much anything is useful, really. Having some text to work with makes it very easy for some of us to go in and finish it up (for ex. Carl is real good at that). So just go ahead. Google docs (we're moving to Etherpad but this was started on G-docs) has nice rollback so don't worry about breaking stuff. Again, any help or any comments are welcome!


  1. I think another good success story is koffice being adopted by nokia for their devices.

  2. Yep, it is. Feel free to add it, mr Black Cat!


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