12 December, 2016

Wednesday: Release Party in Berlin!

On wednesday is our Nextcloud meetup and - Nextcloud 11 will be released, so let's make it a release party! Bring some snacks if you like, let's drink a beer or two, get our servers upgraded perhaps.
See and RSVP here:
When: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 7:00 PM
Where: C-Base, Rungestra├če 20, 10179 Berlin
We're in the main room. C-Base is at the river, all the way to the end from the street. You're there if you get geeky tingles from the murals :D
I look forward to seeing you there, everyone's invited! That includes KDE friends, by the way, would be fun to see the bunch of you! You can RSVP in the comments here or on meetup.com...

CU there!