20 October, 2009

Looking for something to hack on? Think of Krusader...

I'm sure many of the dot readers are avid Krusader users. I have used it myself only in KDE 3 times, but I clearly understand the need for such a tool for power users. Luckily there is now a KDE 4 version, Krusader 2.0, released a few months ago.

Krusader, you ask? Ah, yes, some people do NOT know it. Well, let's use the description it's developers give:

Krusader is a simple, easy, powerful, twin-panel file manager (commander-style) for KDE and other *nix desktops (All POSIX, All BSD, Mac OS X with macports.org, and experimental port for Windows).

The Krusader Krew is looking for new developers eager to see a much better Krusader.

Since the Krusader team has lack of free time to write new code due to many private and professional obligations, we need developers to continue Krusader development.

Skills: C++, Qt, KDE

But I'm betting new developers can get up to speed with some help from the Krusader team...

Source code can be found here.

Please contact Frank Schoolmeesters for more information

17 October, 2009

KDE marketing and promo meeting

Hi all!

Next month, November 13 to November 15 to be exact, the KDE marketing and promo dudes and dudettes will have a meeting in Stuttgart. The goal is to discuss a wide range of marketing topics and get some work done in preparation for the future KDE releases, Akademy 2010 and more.

Among other things, there will be a booth sprint to discuss posters and artwork, the content of the booth box, a KDE showcase and general management of the whole 'attending conferences and fairs' thing.

The marketing sprint will focus both on strategic issues like the rebranding of KDE and more practical issues like the texts on various KDE sites, writing a new booklet about KDE, spread.kde.org and the work on the dot.

Finally, a www sprint will focus on kde.org and the planned improvements there.

So, a wide range of topics, high expectations, ambitious plans... But we'll have over 15 participants from around the world and I'm confident we have the resources and (wo)man power to get a lot done. The previous marketing meeting, with only about 4-5 participants was hugely successful but seeing the agenda for this meeting and the enthusiasm of the participants I think we will top it.

More info about the marketing and promo sprint can be found here.

I'd like to urge all participants to book their flights/train tickets/car/bike/shoes and update the wiki with costs, arrival times etc.

If you are interested in contributing to KDE marketing and promotion, get involved. Join us on kde-promo@kde.org, visit the meeting in Stuttgart (while the budget is booked, if money is an issue you can contact KDE e.V. for support) or talk to us on IRC on #kde-promo (freenode, of course).

And I'd like to thank Eckhart and the other local gearheads for taking care of finding a spot for the sprint and a place to put our tired bodies to rest ;-)

10 October, 2009

Nokia stuff @ Maemo 2009

Just a little heads on for those who kind of expect an article about the Maemo conference: working on some stuff :D

There is just too much going on here, I haven't visited many talks but the best stuff goes on with all the hackers hanging around everywhere. Hint: plasma runs just fine on the N900 :D

Tonight: beer, I promised Holger. After all, last week I left him all alone in 'De Melkweg' (I left at 0300). First of course food - it seems we will go out with a bunch of ppl...

03 October, 2009

Marketing heroes

After my previous blog about promo I wanted to tell a bit about writing efforts going on at KDE promo. We've got a few new heroes join the gang, and cool things are going on.

it-s and Jeremy started working on a way cool promotional brochure for KDE, the graphics are real good we got some good text in there as well. Wait a bit and see what will show up ;-)

Furthermore, as you might have noticed, Troy is back in town again. And we have two new enthusiastic writers: Justin Kirby and Stuart Jarvis. Justin has published an article already, Stuart has pretty much finished a very interesting article and you'll be enjoying that one soon. Of course, more is coming.

Moreover, our booth babes are planning a sprint and the writers among us are also planning a meeting. Yes, we should have communicated this - even among the ppl who are supposed to do the talking we have communication issues. I only figured this double date when catching up with my email & blog backlog... But we'll find a solution, hopefully combining the two meetings.

And there is a request from a US magazine for KDE related articles. So if you're up for writing a decent piece about something which is going on in the KDE 4 desktop area, let me know.

As usual: anyone with KDE promo ambitions - make sure you're on kde-promo@kde.org and join the meeting :D

Edit: and I almost forgot to mention the KDE forums team ROCKS :D


Amarok 2.2 is out, and boy, is it good! After seeing the announcement (a bit late, I'm a lot behind on KDE stuff) I updated my Arch, hoping the new Amarok would pop up. But those darn arch devs had updated Amarok a few days ago already, so without knowing, it was already installed.

And, I must admit, since the 1.x series, Amarok finally really made me rediscover some music again! Did I ever mention I love Pink Floyd? No? Sorry about that ;-)

BTW for the second week in a row I have a KDE geek visiting - Holger Schroder is sitting behind me on the couch. Last week I had Kenny over - poor guy. First I dragged him over to the dutch Film Festival on Friday, and on Saturday we went to the Mandrivaclub Meeting in Oss. Monday he left for Finland, Tampere, on a super-secret mission ;-)

Holger will be joining my buddies and me tonight for drinking in Amsterdam, and flying from Schiphol tomorrow - but will be back for the Maemo summit next weekend (I'm still trying to get in there too, as registration is closed already).