03 October, 2009

Marketing heroes

After my previous blog about promo I wanted to tell a bit about writing efforts going on at KDE promo. We've got a few new heroes join the gang, and cool things are going on.

it-s and Jeremy started working on a way cool promotional brochure for KDE, the graphics are real good we got some good text in there as well. Wait a bit and see what will show up ;-)

Furthermore, as you might have noticed, Troy is back in town again. And we have two new enthusiastic writers: Justin Kirby and Stuart Jarvis. Justin has published an article already, Stuart has pretty much finished a very interesting article and you'll be enjoying that one soon. Of course, more is coming.

Moreover, our booth babes are planning a sprint and the writers among us are also planning a meeting. Yes, we should have communicated this - even among the ppl who are supposed to do the talking we have communication issues. I only figured this double date when catching up with my email & blog backlog... But we'll find a solution, hopefully combining the two meetings.

And there is a request from a US magazine for KDE related articles. So if you're up for writing a decent piece about something which is going on in the KDE 4 desktop area, let me know.

As usual: anyone with KDE promo ambitions - make sure you're on kde-promo@kde.org and join the meeting :D

Edit: and I almost forgot to mention the KDE forums team ROCKS :D


  1. Do you realize where wordings like "booth babes" fit in the current discussions?


  2. Oh, come on, been at a KDE booth? Eckhart, Frederik, Markey, if they aren't babes, I don't know who is :D

    Besides, I've never had much taste for being political correct...

  3. Surely we need some sexy non politically correct name for writers too?




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