22 December, 2010

Marketing Collaboration Day

So the 3rd Marketing Collaboration Day is over. I need sleep, urgently. However, I'm also happy and excited so I won't be able to sleep anyway ;-)

Yes, it was awesome. The marketing team did a great job, many tasks were worked on - a bunch completed. Ubercool. So I would like to join Bryen in thanking everyone involved: awesome, I love you all!

And happy holidays for everyone who won't be around until they start.

19 December, 2010

openSUSE and Attachmate Q&A

I recently had the opportunity to conduct a Q&A with Attachmate CEO Jeff Hawn. We covered openSUSE, SUSE and open source in general. Please see the full text of my interview at news.opensuse.org.

13 December, 2010

good news!

Hello world,

Some good news.

First of all, the dutch Linux Starter I blogged about a few days ago is now available online. So if you're dutch and want to try out openSUSE - go and get it!

And second of all, the board has just announced that Alan Clark has been appointed by Novell as new chair of the board. Most of you probably don't know him, I do as I have been working with him for the last few months on the openSUSE Foundation and some other things. He's in my humble opinion one of those people who gets Free Software and a pleasure to work with. Only after this announcement I discovered he was pretty "high in the tree" as we in NL say - being on the Senior Leadership team of Markus, his experience in the Linux Foundation and other organizations... But while working with me he had a simple "let's get this done and do it well" attitude. Still an engineer on the inside - something you actually see a lot in Novell and something I appreciate greatly.


08 December, 2010


After some travel, coming home means, besides washing clothes and catching up to email, a mountain of old-fashioned snail-mail. Unfortunately, most of that these days is bills - the one thing they still like to make as hard as possible (for reasons I'll never understand).

Thankfully, there was something good in there this time: the awesome openSUSE Calendar/Poster which comes with a free Linux Magazin (good for my German language skills)!

And also very interesting, this year's "Linux Starter" magazine, made by the dutch Linux Magazine, is fully openSUSE - featuring a custom openSUSE 11.3 live+install DVD and articles on almost every aspect of openSUSE a beginner needs. So if you haven't got it yet and want to start with openSUSE: find it in your bookstore!

02 December, 2010

openSUSE Board elections

Awesomeness. I just heard that already 3 people stepped up for the 2010 openSUSE Board elections. And Sascha posted the announcement only yesterday!

Really, this is something that shows how openSUSE is a healthy community. We have plenty of people who are able and willing to do this - which is really great. Thanks to those who stepped up - there are only 2 positions, but even the act of stepping forward and saying you're willing to do this is very important!

The openSUSE Board work is very important and becoming more so. Currently work is being done on setting up an openSUSE Foundation - and the board plays a crucial role there. We need people with some experience and willingness to work hard on this, there is a lot of work. If you fit that bill - apply!

Love, Jos