13 December, 2010

good news!

Hello world,

Some good news.

First of all, the dutch Linux Starter I blogged about a few days ago is now available online. So if you're dutch and want to try out openSUSE - go and get it!

And second of all, the board has just announced that Alan Clark has been appointed by Novell as new chair of the board. Most of you probably don't know him, I do as I have been working with him for the last few months on the openSUSE Foundation and some other things. He's in my humble opinion one of those people who gets Free Software and a pleasure to work with. Only after this announcement I discovered he was pretty "high in the tree" as we in NL say - being on the Senior Leadership team of Markus, his experience in the Linux Foundation and other organizations... But while working with me he had a simple "let's get this done and do it well" attitude. Still an engineer on the inside - something you actually see a lot in Novell and something I appreciate greatly.



  1. "high in the tree" -> "high up the ladder".
    Dutch version of software are great... For regular end users. Engineers should stick to English.

  2. Good news!

    P.S. Chameleons live on trees, not on ladders ;-)

  3. Unfortunately it's not available for now. When I try ordering the issue, through your link, Hubstore gives me: Dit artikel is nog niet of helaas niet meer leverbaar.


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