16 January, 2015

First Berlin meetup of the year!

Next week will be the first Berlin ownCloud meetup of 2015. As the ownCloud Desktop client team is having a code sprint hackathon meeting get together at the office, they'll be at the meetup. So if you wanted to hack on the client, fixing or adding something and live in Berlin - join at the meetup!

The meetup in February I unfortunately can't join but we've already decided that the meetup in March will be All About Devices™ - we will have some Banana Pi, Raspberry Pi etc devices around to play with, do some performance testing and optimization and see where we can take 'em! If you're interested, you can RSVP already.

See you in Berlin?!?

If you're not in Berlin and are sad that you don't meet ownCloud people - check out our events pages to see what can be done about that!