09 November, 2007

Putsy and talks in Dresden

So, I will move to Amersfoort this weekend and I'm terribly busy with my new job (but it's also really interesting and I'm making many mistakes so I learn a lot).

And it shows - I haven't blogged in a week, even though there was a lot to blog about...

For example, I'm sad to tell you guys Putsy, my little dwarfhamster, passed away last week. He had an infection, probably indirectly caused by the cat who threw the cage on it's side. Putsy most likely got smashed somehow, and the vet was unable to get her to drink anti-biotics. She already went into a state of hibernation, and died the next day (just before I left for Linux-Info-Tage in Dresden). I was a bit sad while driving to Dresden, but meeting the guys there made up for it.

Speaking off Dresden, I gave a talk at Linux-Info-Tage. Here a little (german) writeup about it (including a higher quality version of the dolphin animations movie which also is on Youtube). Ah, and Kubuntu-de.org also wrote about the Dresden event. Here the picture of me which I consider best. Even though this one doesn't show how I did actually shave, like I promised.

And where were you, Merlin?