20 October, 2009

Looking for something to hack on? Think of Krusader...

I'm sure many of the dot readers are avid Krusader users. I have used it myself only in KDE 3 times, but I clearly understand the need for such a tool for power users. Luckily there is now a KDE 4 version, Krusader 2.0, released a few months ago.

Krusader, you ask? Ah, yes, some people do NOT know it. Well, let's use the description it's developers give:

Krusader is a simple, easy, powerful, twin-panel file manager (commander-style) for KDE and other *nix desktops (All POSIX, All BSD, Mac OS X with macports.org, and experimental port for Windows).

The Krusader Krew is looking for new developers eager to see a much better Krusader.

Since the Krusader team has lack of free time to write new code due to many private and professional obligations, we need developers to continue Krusader development.

Skills: C++, Qt, KDE

But I'm betting new developers can get up to speed with some help from the Krusader team...

Source code can be found here.

Please contact Frank Schoolmeesters for more information