02 November, 2009

halloween & stuff

Last weekend I had a fun halloween party where I made some pics I'll share. Haven't seen any on the planet.kde.org (yet?) so this makes me first ;-)

Also included a pic from the recent NLUUG meeting - the dinner we had afterwards... Unfortunately you're missing out on the beauty who sat next to me, but how can I not post the one where Frank looks like he's planning to murder me?

Way cool dude in a wedding dress who gave some kind of live performance outside...

Niels, good friend of mine, who was taking pictures with his oversized "I'm cooler than thou" camera. He should get himself a blog and post pics there...

Pics above speak for themselves I'd say ;-)
This is Nienke, who, with her brother, organized the party. Evil doesn't fit her, whatever she wears looks cute on her...
And she made Evil Cookies.
Yeah, there's me in a blurry pic with some green daemon.

I know, pretty much all pics are blurry. You could blame the N900 but it's more likely just me.

And here's the pic I promised showing Frank (and sebas and steven and a few more ppl I don't know) during dinner last Thursday:

On a more personal note, I'm leaving home now to travel to my new job. First day, yay :D

And in KDE related news, a few more dot articles in dire need for review. Anyone who can read and has a little time on his/her hand, please join kde-promo@kde.org and help out every now and then :D

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  1. The "oversized I'm cooler than you" cameras, as you call them, are capable of producing decent, non-blurred shots in low light, as opposed to "cameras" like the one in the N900...


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