12 November, 2009

Marketing Meeting sucks

(Title courtesy of the great atmosphere on the planet right now, I obviously thing the meeting is going to rock)

Currently I'm in Stuttgart, sitting in Frank Karlitscheck's office with Eckhart, Claudia and Frederik (who has cut his hair since last time we met). During the train trip I worked on the release announcement for 4.4, and discussed KDE with a good looking blonde we might see in KDE some day - so yes, my trip was great.

Most of the preparation for tomorrow is done. People are or rather will be arriving soonish, and I look forward to that too. Hugging ppl I haven't seen in a long time, yay! And of course introducing new ppl to the traditional hugs.

Now back to working on the release announcement, it's enjoyable especially when you have the right ppl around to question about stuff.


  1. You are too late! We've had the definitive life sucks posts already and changed into Yay! KDE rocks again :P.

  2. Post a picture of the blonde, so the community can make a decision whether we'd like to see her in KDE.

  3. @anonymous: Fregl is working on a certain wallpaper browsing application.... OK, that's an in-joke nobody gets ;-)

    lemme, explain, he's working on GHNS, and just implemented an 'infinite scrollbar' where the app downloads the next page automatically from the server. He's been browsing the wallpapers from KDE-look.org for hours... Did you know there are lots of mountains, just one page of snakes (including a spider) and NO donkeys whatsoever?

  4. Thanks for the tip!

    Flickr is currently down for maintenance, so like everybody else I've uploaded my holiday photos to KDE-look.org instead.

  5. I'm excited to read about the results of the marketing meeting. As a suggestion, I often show my friends my desktop and struggle to come up with a demo that shows off all the features that make it so great. I usually just show them they desktop effects and a couple of plasmoids. Having a list of easy to show demos to use with friends and family would be nice. On another note, I think it was a joke but I feel that describing somebody (who I'm assuming was a woman) solely by their appearance (a good looking blond) might be off putting to women thinking about getting involved. Especially when it engenders comments asking for pictures. I'm sure it wasn't the intent, especially not from the marketing team, and apologies if I'm out of line but I felt the need to say something. Helping KDE grow is a wonderful goal and I appreciate all the work you and the marketing team do.

  6. reldruh:
    Yes, what you mention surely is important - how to demo KDE. We want to give a guide to ppl demonstrating/talking about KDE, and create a KDE showcase.

    Furthermore, yes, it was a joke about the girl. You're not out of line, it's just that I personally think that being anal about it only makes things worse. Let's please be free to joke around, even on the XX vs XY topic....


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