30 November, 2009

promo work

Hi all,

If you're interested in becoming part of the marketing & promo team and do something meaningful, check the KDE promo tasks page.

We've been working on creating a list if things which has to be done, and that list is huge. And often still too vague etcetera. And too many are on my name ;-)

To give you a taste of some tasks, let me go through a few of them.

One area were we'll be doing a lot of work is of course the marketing of KDE SC 4.4. We have been identifying the main message for the release announcement, and that will get done. But we need one or two good screencasts for the announcement and a few more for the feature guide. They must be made during december. What should be in them? ask on promo ;-)
So if you always wanted to make a screencast with over a 100.000 viewers, join kde-promo and start working on this!

Then there is the feature guide. It is a lot of work - but this will guide new users through all the cool stuff in KDE SC 4.4 and is thus very important! We haven't even started yet... Is it hard? Nope, not when working with so many cool people as are on the promo list. So if you feel like coordinating this - email me or the promo list. I've done it before so I can give some tips and help out.

Then for something completely different. Ever given a talk about KDE? Tried to sell KDE software to a bunch of geeks, housewives or ICT managers? No, but you'd love to? Either way, you can help yourself AND others to do this. Many in the promo team have experience with that but we need somebody to go and put it all in a wiki. Some info is already available on kde.org site and that needs to get in the wiki page as well.There is a wiki page for this already, you can get started right away!

And again something different. There will be release parties for the 4.4 release and we need somebody to help coordinate some things, make sure each release party has some good promo stuff like posters, stickers and stuff - and anything else you can think of to make the parties rock. Go to the wiki and make a difference ;-)

Some of the tasks are pretty small, and if you feel up to it - just add your name, announce it on kde-promo and go ahead. The promo team will be more than willing to give tips and tricks and get you going. You can make a difference!

Oh, one more thing: I'm bad at wiki's. Really bad. Unstructured and stuff. Feel free to fix anything ;-)
Here's the wiki for Promo.

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