24 November, 2009

Finally: rebranding KDE

I'm relieved. After close to 2 years of thinking and discussing, the rebranding of KDE is official. From now on, the K Desktop Environment is dead. "KDE 4.4" will never see the light of day.

Today, "KDE" has officially moved on.
KDE is no longer software created by people, it is people creating software!

I won't go into this any further, as the dot article isn't up yet - but it will be soon - just gave Stu the go to publish. When he does you will be able to read what this is about.

Don't worry: most of it will sound familiar, we have changed our communication over the past year to fit the new branding. But some of it will be new. After years of discussing this and consulting the wider community (both by contacting key figures by personal mail and by discussing it on kde-devel, for example) it was time to move. We have made decisions (many of them at the recent marketing meeting), and yes, you could debate them. Please don't. Dark blue or light blue bikeshed, it does not matter.

We're not done yet, lots of text has to be rewritten (help is welcome!) and there still are some decisions to be made. But I'm feeling relieved now, really. It's out.


  1. What ?

    Tell us more... I've a mixed feeling, switching from fear to excitement !

    And if we get rid of the K... Hell yeah ! I couldn't be more pleased !

  2. But... but I love the K. :3

    The suspension is killing me. Hurry~

  3. Man that is cryptic. Exciting times ahead then.

  4. And it's out:

  5. Maybe you should post such hectic posts _after_ the press release is out. It doesn't do anything except add confusion and it certainly doesn't look professional.

  6. Whew, at least the K stays. GNOME keeps using its trademark G too, so it's not like we're being overly eccentric.

  7. This is kind of dumb....The name is still too technical.


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