03 October, 2009


Amarok 2.2 is out, and boy, is it good! After seeing the announcement (a bit late, I'm a lot behind on KDE stuff) I updated my Arch, hoping the new Amarok would pop up. But those darn arch devs had updated Amarok a few days ago already, so without knowing, it was already installed.

And, I must admit, since the 1.x series, Amarok finally really made me rediscover some music again! Did I ever mention I love Pink Floyd? No? Sorry about that ;-)

BTW for the second week in a row I have a KDE geek visiting - Holger Schroder is sitting behind me on the couch. Last week I had Kenny over - poor guy. First I dragged him over to the dutch Film Festival on Friday, and on Saturday we went to the Mandrivaclub Meeting in Oss. Monday he left for Finland, Tampere, on a super-secret mission ;-)

Holger will be joining my buddies and me tonight for drinking in Amsterdam, and flying from Schiphol tomorrow - but will be back for the Maemo summit next weekend (I'm still trying to get in there too, as registration is closed already).

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