27 September, 2009

Promo efforts

Way cool stuff going on in the promo area lately - things are really speeding up. More people are working in one area or another, spreading the word and helping users out.

The recent efforts by the KDE forums team rock. Luca Beltrame just introduced Kdialogue while Sayak Banerjee blogged about the teams other efforts like improving the speed of the KDE forums. Over the last year the KDE forums have become a vibrant community, making a difference.

Meanwhile the KDE community continues to attend conference after conference, giving thousands of visitors a chance to meet those behind their software or to discover KDE - Myriam just blogged about the latest one, but lots more are in the pipeline. I haven't had time to go to many events lately, but I have fond memories of the last few I visited. Meeting hard working people like Eckhart makes it interesting in itself, and the many visitors are often fun to talk to. There are so many misconceptions and easy-to-answer questions, and many are so interested in seeing what is going on it gives a lot of energy. Unfortunately we can't visit even half the events we'd love to go to, so if you're interested in spending a weekend or a few weekdays with a bunch of gearheads, join the KDE promo team!

Of course more happens at KDE-promo, including the writing of articles and announcements, but that's for another blog.


  1. Haven't Wendy became online?

    Me and Eugene (it's) were waiting for her to outline the plans for AppStore-like app for KDE, but then she posted a post to her blog about she's going offline... :)

    Or maybe some other promo people are aware of this initiative?

  2. Unfortunately I haven't heard from her from a while :(


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