26 September, 2009

Should be easy-peasy.

Kenny and I just discussed it, and it should be easy. After all, it gets it right about 50% already...


Konqi. It is reasonably smart with tabs - you can enable opening new windows and pop ups in tabs. So you click a link in Gmail, and it opens a background tab. I often want to read it so I have to activate the tab - redundant. Firefox is slightly smarter - middle click (open in tab) opens a background tab, a normal click, which opens a new window (in a tab), activates the new tab, and goes back to the previous one after you close it.

Yet sometimes I want those windows to open in background tabs too.

Basically, the solution would be to have Konqi open the tabs and activate them only if you want to. Who writes the patch which makes Konqi read my mind and choose the right thing 100% of the time instead of 50%? Should be easy...


  1. Uh? No need of mind reading:
    - you want to replace your actual content with the new one (common situation): left click
    - you want to open a 'background' tab (without switching, common situation): middle click
    - you want to open a tab and select it without closing your current view (not common IMHO):use Shift+Middle-click.

  2. But I WANT mind reading! I could get rid of the keyboard and mouse, good against RSI as well...


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