17 October, 2009

KDE marketing and promo meeting

Hi all!

Next month, November 13 to November 15 to be exact, the KDE marketing and promo dudes and dudettes will have a meeting in Stuttgart. The goal is to discuss a wide range of marketing topics and get some work done in preparation for the future KDE releases, Akademy 2010 and more.

Among other things, there will be a booth sprint to discuss posters and artwork, the content of the booth box, a KDE showcase and general management of the whole 'attending conferences and fairs' thing.

The marketing sprint will focus both on strategic issues like the rebranding of KDE and more practical issues like the texts on various KDE sites, writing a new booklet about KDE, spread.kde.org and the work on the dot.

Finally, a www sprint will focus on kde.org and the planned improvements there.

So, a wide range of topics, high expectations, ambitious plans... But we'll have over 15 participants from around the world and I'm confident we have the resources and (wo)man power to get a lot done. The previous marketing meeting, with only about 4-5 participants was hugely successful but seeing the agenda for this meeting and the enthusiasm of the participants I think we will top it.

More info about the marketing and promo sprint can be found here.

I'd like to urge all participants to book their flights/train tickets/car/bike/shoes and update the wiki with costs, arrival times etc.

If you are interested in contributing to KDE marketing and promotion, get involved. Join us on kde-promo@kde.org, visit the meeting in Stuttgart (while the budget is booked, if money is an issue you can contact KDE e.V. for support) or talk to us on IRC on #kde-promo (freenode, of course).

And I'd like to thank Eckhart and the other local gearheads for taking care of finding a spot for the sprint and a place to put our tired bodies to rest ;-)

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