27 May, 2010

Looking for writer!

Security researcher Joanna Rutkowska and her company have lauched qubes-OS, an FOSS based OS focussing on security by virtualizing all dangerous processes in the system. For example, you'd have a 'work browser' container, a 'shopping browser' container, a 'game' container etc.

They all work together and integrate smoothly, although there are of course a few limitations and extra steps the user has to go through for now.

Why is this interesting, besides from the security point of view? Because Joanna and her team have used KDE desktop technology to run the qubes-OS desktop (screenshots here).

They have made a couple of modifications, and integrated the technology pretty deep. Sounds like an excellent reason to interview them and ask about the why and how of this choice.

Another thing which came up yesterday is this email thread. Joanna here presents a proposal to from now on securely sign released KDE software packages. It's very cool Joanna is actively working on improving security within the FOSS world and within the KDE community.

So who is up for contacting dear Joanna and getting an interview or article out of this?

I already have some introductionairy text (see above...) and a bunch of interview questions laying around - all you'd need to do is expand a bit upon it, send it to her, edit the results, maybe ask follow-up questions and post it to the dot editors team.

As usual: Your english is bad? No problem. You don't have much writing skills? No problem. You just need a little time and willingness to help out...

Who's up for this? Tell me - just send me an email (jospoortvliet on the gmail servers), or mail kde-promo at our kde site.