01 May, 2010

A quick one on Being Free

Just finished editing a dot story on Choqok (will go live sometime next week). Some of you might have noticed the initiative by its main developer Mehrdad Momeny to speed up development by soliciting monetary input. This will allow him to spend more time on making Choqok rock, but also give users a tangible way of influencing development priorities. This can increase commitment from the users, developers and the community - while bringing real benefits (in terms of code).

The KOffice developers recently did a similar thing, calling upon individual sponsors to help make Krita better. Instead of taking a summer job, Lukáš Tvrdý spend time writing a series of improvements. As you can read on the Krita website it was a great success.

It is good to see initiatives like these. With our growing ambitions and plans come growing requirements for resources. Traditionally, the KDE community has relied heavily on volunteer efforts, and this won't change. However, it is important that developers look for ways to be able to spend more time on doing what they want. Some find employment or start up companies, others look to those who want to contribute in other ways than with their own time. I believe diversifying our resources means a more sustainable community, which ultimately benefits our plans for world domination ;-)

Next time I'll blog more about Being Free, continuing from here. I'll also try to touch on the recent discussions about paid vs unpaid contributors where Zonker participated in.