21 June, 2010

Help KDE promo!

Hi all,

Again a little call for help...

Pretty picture
Soon, there will be a new release of our bunch'o'stuff ("KDE SC 4.5). We need a pretty picture for our blogs ;-)

If you're a writer, we're always looking for new authors. I've often have magazines ask me if I know anyone, you can even make a buck that way. Let me know!

The KDE promo team has worked on a booklet with information about the KDE community and our products for a long time. It's mostly done but needs 2 things: someone to push for finishing it, and someone to do layouting. If interested in either or both these tasks, let me know...

Some of you might know Openhatch. It's a cool way to help people get involved in FOSS projects. We do have a little presence there, but there could be a lot more. Anyone up for being the official openhatch manager? Contact kde-promo to coordinate ;-)

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