19 June, 2010

Promo at Akademy

Hi all,

As you might have read, Lydia wrote about some ways of following what will be going on at Akademy. See, we do stuff ;-)

So the promo team has been working to prepare for Akademy. We've tried to get articles out every once in a while, get in contact with magazines and journalists etc. Meanwhile we are also working on a press kit (a first, afaik) and will try to take good care of our journalists. We'll have a press conference on the first day with the keynote speakers and of course we'll be working on the usual dot articles and other communication channels.

Meanwhile, we've had more plans than what we could finish (as usual). And we'll be needing help at Akademy itself as well. Someone needs to be in the press room, we need help doing interviews and dot articles and keep twitter & other media up to date.

Also I'm looking for a 'dedicated' photographer who will make sure we have plenty of good pictures readily available for us (flickr, the dot etc) and for our journalists.

So if anyone feels he/she could help out, let me know!


  1. If you can get us there and provide accommodations, I can offer two professional photographers to cover the whole event for free for you.

  2. He, I'd rather have someone who is at Akademy anyway as I don't have the cash to pay for two other ppl to go there...


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