27 June, 2010

KDE Promo is Cool :D

Hi all,

I just wanted to say thanks for the responses to my earlier blogs about helping KDE promo. Yes, there weren't a lot of comments on the blogs but I did receive quite a few mails and a couple of things were picked up by new contributors. Super cool! You'll see articles by them appear on the dot soon, and other things are also moving now. We've got a cool and growing team here at KDE-promo - if you want you can be a part of it!

At Akademy especially we'll need some help. We're still looking for someone who wants to make photo's dedicated for the dot articles. Which means shooting, selecting, retouching, and delivering by mail or USB in small and large size to the writers. Should be a fun job - so who feels like doing it? No, we don't require ANY special skills or camera - in earlier years pictures quickly made with my N95 made it to the dot for lack of better. So, really, ANYTHING is a step forward compared to nothing as we have now...

Oh and at Akademy during the e.V. meeting I will report on what the marketing team has been doing over the last year. I'll post that in a blog too, it's actually ready to go ;-)

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  1. Sounds cool, I think you'll receive an E-Mail in a few days (when this year at school is practically finished) :-)


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