28 January, 2009

In Jamaica? No more!

It’s rather odd to be scratching the ice from the windshield of a car while you still feel like going for a swim during lunchbreak.

My body agrees on the weirdness – yesterday it refused to accept the 25 degrees decrease in temperature. Despite both London and Schiphol not being particularly warm, I still felt rather warm while walking home in shorts and a t-shirt.

I’m back to my old self now, in part thanks to my current office space. It’s colder here than in an American Airlines plane (and the citizens of the USA like their airco – if it has button, you have to turn it to max).

Thursday on the way back from the rum factory tour: fresh coconut!

Either way, the way back wasn’t too bad, considering my bloodloss. Yeah, I’ve left at least a litre of blood back at the restaurant in Port Royal in Kingston. We had a meet & greet with some members of the local linux user community. It was fun meeting them, but the mosquitos were pretty bad. It felt like being eaten alive – and I thought having 19 mosquito bites on my left feet was bad. Piece of cake compared to the over-50 bites my legs currently display.

Yeah, Jamaica had a few snags for me – after the sun allergy went away I did enjoy a full night of trying to empty my internals from any food-related substance (and after that a day of not being able to enjoy the great Jamaican food - meh).

Monday morning. I went on a shopping spree, sebas slept in.

Still, had a great time. I’ll see if I can find time the coming few days to:
- clean my house in preparation for a visit from my parents
- finish the articles (including a report from the tour to the rum factory and a list of some interesting results from the conference)
- drink rum
- sleep
- Join the release happyness!

Love from a cold Netherlands!

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  1. Glad you made it back OK, sorry to hear about the mosquitoes! It was a great conference but Louise also got eaten alive. Strangely they only bit our left legs...


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