23 January, 2009


(for camp kde coverage: there will be a talks day 1 article on the dot in like 5 minutes, and there will be another two asap - due to the dot moving to a new interface (yay!) that can mean something like sunday or even later as me and sebas travel on monday/tuesday...)

adymo writes about KDE 4.2 - excellent interview. I agree with most of his criticism (not all) but I think he is wrong on Akregator. He wrote:
Akregator is definitely useful for RSS reading, but so far it doesn't give any compelling reason to us

Now, I've always been used to the two features I'm about to show, but apparently several people here at Camp KDE weren't, and they were impressed. So I think these two deserve some mention.

Advantage nr. 1: it is a KDE application. Thus why not show the full blog using KHTML?

Hit F2 to configure this per feed:

Advantage nr. 2: it is a KDE application. Thus why not embed kate_part when viewing a text file?

*click link*

And you'll get

including proper highlighting and everything. Works for pictures (embedded gwenview), pdf's (okular FTW), movies (Dragonplayer) etc etc etc.

You might not count these things under features - after all, it is the least you'd expect from a KDE application. But using non-KDE apps now and then (firefox for example, or how about the whole win platform) shows you how much basics you miss in apps build upon other, more shallow foundations - a decent filedialog is the least of it. Funny to see how KDE apps, even with just a few developers, often easily manage to do stuff no competitor probably ever will...

Love from Jamaica ;-)