17 January, 2009

Jamaica rocks...

Working on the articles there were a few things I didn't put in there.

And some things I did :D

Last night I'm sure the Plasma team had their weirdest location for discussing code - ever. The Caribean sea. Now I'm all for technical talk but that went a bit too far for me, Others however, on hearing there was a discussion about plasma going on, joined them. Aaah well. I've been drinking Jamaican Rum and beer, pretty good stuff.

The morning here was interesting, as many ppl had arrived late last night. I just heard Zack appologize for being Zack ("I'm sorry, I'm Zack"), there is a guy sitting next to me with a "One Laptop Velicoraptor per child" t-shirt and I'm sure there have never been so many laptops on this beach. The food is very good. I had a Jamaican breakfeast yesterday just like today, loved it despite having no idea what I was eating. It turned out most of it grew on trees. Interesting. So everytime I saw a blank stare at a plate I just told'em to stop worrying and eat it.

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  1. Looks cool Jos, must being nice travaling the whole world.


    Wesley Velroij


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