18 January, 2009

sun, sand, rum

Jamaica still rocks.

Yesterday was great. Talks, browsing, swimming in the see, eating Jerk Chicken and drinking rum. Jerk chicken is a local food which came highly recommended by all three Jamaican guys I know here, so it had to be good. I did make the mistake of ordering it at the hotel restaurant, which resulted in a fierce discussion between the waitress and Dmitri, who considered Jerk chicken only any good if you can actually see and smell the smoke. Yeah, it's smoked in a large oil drum with lots of smoke coming out.

Anyway, so I had a chance of making up for that mistake when Dmitri told me there was actual good Jerk chicken just around the corner. We passed it on the way back to the hotel with our drinks, and I convinced Adriaan to have some with me. Us stopping there resulted in the whole group stopping there and simply following us in line to grab some Jerk chicken. I really doubt anyone felt sorry about that. That stuff was really good.

After we arrived back at the hotel a big group went to the beach, sitting on the bench just before the water, drinking rum, having a nightly swim. Imagine floating in the warm sea, looking at the stars above you. Jamaica rocks.

Work? Yeah, trying to get some work done, but I am not as productive as I'd like to. I do have a first article coming which covers the first 2 days. Hopefully that'll go online tomorrow. And I have spend some time on the release announcement and feature guide as well.

BTW it is very cool to see how much people here are thinking and talking about community building. Do check out the video's of the talks as soon as they are available...

BTW2 My previous blog featured a foto from me and a German. In a (weak) effort to ruin his day - we're talking Holger Schroder, KDE-on-Windows hacker here. Sorry, inside joke.

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