20 January, 2009

hi from jamaica

Just watched the inauguration of Obama on the beach. Interesting to see it. It is quite a bit more nationalistic and religious than I'm used too, and there was singing & music in there, but his speech was good. Now see if he can actually do something different...

Geeks are easy to spot :D

Weather here still good, we had a windy yesterday but it's more quiet now. Personally I've hit a little snag - seems like my body somehow didn't appreciate me going from dark & cold Netherlands to sunny & warm Jamaica. I've developed a mild form of sun allergy. Like having a cold during my first few days here wasn't ironic enough... Aaah well, I'm lucky in that it doesn't itch, and as long as I'm a bit careful with sun it's ok. And to be honest, I'd much rather be intolerant to sun than to food, I've never been the sunloving type anyway.

Talking about food, Mrs. Whyte from Sweet Spice deserves a medal. She is apparently the one who provides us with the lunch, and again it was very good.

The French Guy enjoying food

I've had a little sleepy-sleepy on the couch, Till is still going on and on about coding. How can he have so much to say about just some plain textfiles which happen to be compilable to applications? His voice was soothing enough to help me sleep, so whatevah.

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  1. hi Jos, thanks for the entertaining jamaica reports!


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