02 January, 2009

2009 brings good stuff


Happy new year to all of ya!

Had a good start? No hangover, I hope? Mine was very manageable, hehe. Had a great party, esp around 12 when we were standing on the roof of a flat, looking out over the city of Utrecht. Beautiful place to watch the fireworks from...

What will 2009 bring? I won't speculate, I'll just point to some good tidings ;-)

Check the commit digest from the 23th and look at the statistics. First of all, over 900 bugs fixed. Good news for the stability of the KDE 42 release. And second, over 270 programmers added their code to the repository that week. I'm not such a SVN-statistics-expert like that weird brittish guy, but I believe we have a record. Not in terms of lines of code, we often cross the 9500-lines-modified-per-week mark, but looking back a few digests I never saw more than 260 people commit in one week. As Paul's green blobs show, not everybody commits each week and this high number could be a coincidence. I think it's not. As Tom Albers already noted, we've giving out SVN accounts like they're cookies. Delicious cookies for which you only had to proove you can write decent code & be a decent person.

So no predictions, just pointing to a trend here - we're growing, and fast. I sometimes check the cia.vc site to have a look at the commit rate, and we're under a recordbreaking 5 minutes between commits (on average over the last 5 years) now. It's probably a very incomplete picture (and it doesn't fit with the numbers Danny quotes), but still - pretty neath. I have no idea how our competition is doing, MS Windows doesn't seem to be available on the site, nor does Mac OS X yet I'm sure they're scared :D

To all of you: a toast on the future of KDE, and the wish that we all may be able to continue to express our creativity and promote freedom for years to come!