06 March, 2009


Last night I drove back from Hanover, where I joined the champions at the KDE booth. We probably had the largest FOSS team there, yet were swamped pretty much all of the time with visitors asking questions. Besides that, there were lots of opportunities talking to interesting people from various companies around there. Actually I intend to go the full week next year, as these 2 day s already generated a couple of very interesting leads.

The most intriguing thing at CeBIT is what happens after the visitors have been thrown out around. Before 18:00 you see all the employees at the stands talking to visitors, looking serious and handing out folders. After 18:15, the folders have been replaced by beer, and the professional smile has changed into actual happiness. In the next few hours, the whole area turns into a big party with live music and free beer. And despite that beer, you can still get in contact with interesting people all over the place. Yep, had a great time!

@those still at CeBIT: respect for the work you're doing, and take care!


  1. It's Hannover, isn't it?

  2. "We probably had the largest FOSS team there" does not actually meet it. We *definitely* are the largest FOSS team there, with a team size of 13 people (followed by Ubuntu with team size 8 people).

  3. Good blog.


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