10 March, 2009

Plasma dev team rocks

Yesterday I updated KDE SVN. So, I have the latest dev stuff on my box again. Upon logging in, I was greeted by the new look of plasma.

First of all, congrats to the artists. The AIR theme (of course a work in progress) looks bloody good.

Next I want to express my respect for the coders. I am very happy with the zooming capabilities of plasma - which allows you to create a bunch of desktops (called activities). Very nice considering the room you would need for all the useful plasmoids. There's a blackboard now, the microblog is kick ass, and there is that desktop assistent thing which doesn't make much sense to me... I just would love to be able to connect virtual desktops to activities!

Third - Qt 4.5 rocks. The performance improvements are very noticable, nice work!

Fourth, interesting article on Techrepublic (a nice "ten reasons why Gnome is better than KDE", I'm not even going to link to it). I was surprised with a new uninformed rant/opinionated piece/whatever about KDE 4. I though we were getting past all that.

Arguments were same-old, same-old. Like "KDE developers don't listen to users". Clearly, the plasma developers focussed entirely on fun stuff and didn't do anything in the last 6 months to get plasma on feature parity with KDE 3.5.x. Oh, wait....

Funny to see what he complains about. KDE 4 is like Vista. Hmmm, what about all the complaints about either Gnomification or Macification of KDE? If we simultaniously copy Mac, Gnome and Vista, what does that make us?
Funny to see it's mostly about what KDE does wrong, not about what Gnome does right. What does that say about both projects?
Funny to see how KDE 3.5 these days is used as a prime example of a 'perfect' desktop, a great and usable piece of software. I distinctively remember all the complaints about how cluttered and busy it was, how unprofessional it looked. Now, suddenly, while we are giving more attention to both usability and innovative interface elements, KDE 3.x is the best desktop FOSS has to offer. Hmmmm. He actually complains how cluttered KDE 4 is... Not saying there is nothing to improve, but worse than 3.x?

I think I don't have to talk about his specific points, most are either silly, uninformed, stupid, or a random combination of those. I guess I should just point to this pic wade made...