13 March, 2009


Today, I was going to write a rather sarcastic and hopefully funny story about silly responses my blog a few days ago. It would have involved hamsters forcing KDE developers to write code. Including proof, in the form of images with KDE developers and my own little dwarf hamster.

Unfortunately, there won't be such a story. Somewhere between last night and coming home after work today, Thomas, my beloved dwarfhamster, died. This is a sad day.

No more watching him run in his weel. Or through my room, or on my lap. No more feeding him nor giving him silly things to play with. No watching him shred paper into little pieces. I will even miss cleaning his cage :(

Life goes on, but I'll miss my little hamster...


  1. It is sad to loose a pet, indeed. Your post made me remember that I also had a hamster 33 years ago.
    Her name was Rita Hamster :) Cute little things.

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  3. My condolences for your loss :(

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  5. Since you referred to a dwarf hamster, does that mean he was smaller than other hamsters?

    Sorry about the loss of your pet.

  6. @Pollywog: yes, he was very small.

    @all: I don't like censoring, but I don't like rude comments either. removed them.

  7. I'm sorry for your loss :( With 7 pets of my own I understand the attachment.

  8. It's always sad to hear of a pet dying. We have friends that owned a dwarf hamster. Cute little things :)

    We own 6 rats ourselves. They are simply wonderful pets. Here are some photos & videos of our rats for anyone interested in getting some :)


  9. @giddie: they're insanely cute :D
    Very young still, I see.


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