29 September, 2007

So, those who hate NON-KDE things, and little, furry animals in particular: skip this post.

Because even though I've spend half the day on KDE, I don't have much to say about that. I do however have something else to tell - today, we (my ex-GF who I still live with, and me) welcomed two new additions to our household: Xina, the rat, and Putsy, the dwarfhamster.

And boy, are they cute. Xina is really the loveliest rat who ever climbed all over me - she is extremely curious, even though she is 1,5 year already. And of course, there is Putsy. Well, see the pictures and judge for yourself...

Xina looking at us...
Xina exploringXina on the lookout
Exploring the new living space...candy is nice, yet she prefers to be in the tube
So I'll desperately try to bond with her in there ;-)

Aren't they cute? It's hard to make good pictures, I'm not that good with a camara, and they never sit still... :D

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