21 September, 2007

Marketing and Promotion

Now Troy is at it, I'd thought I would chime in as well. I won't create such a huge marketing vision, we got enough grande plans and Idea's, I'm more of the "let's do this" type of person right now. So I'll just add to some of the points Troy mentions.

I've been busy with press stuff since I started to write for KDE - and we need more of that still. Communication is key, I've blogged about that before. So I have ideas how to write better announcements, plenty. But help would be great for this (see the blogs about that).

But there is other stuff to do. I recently wrote an article for 'general press' on how to write about KDE, and tried to get it on kde.org. Now that project has grown into writing a full 'press' page on KDE.org - a page which doesn't exist right now. The goal is to give journalists but also bloggers or anyone who wants to write a little piece about something KDE related a place to start and some good tips & tricks. If you want to help - the current work is on google docs and I can easily give you access.

And yes, we need writers from everywhere to write about KDE. We get questions like "we'd love to have an article about X, do you know someone who could write one" regularly, and I've tried to get those seekers someone who can write. But we need more ppl who could write (just join the kde promo mailinglist if you're interested!!!).

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  1. Thumbs up!! :-D

    I'm really happy to see these developments in KDE. And the blogs like troy made give a good indication how seriously this is done.

    The recent GNOME announcement made me just sort of jealous, and seeing a techbase look-a-like with better looks, and big announcements about features KDE already has (e.g. reverse RTL layout and attachment warnings) gives me very mixed feelings.

    The feeling I got was: KDE really needs to define itself, tune the interfaces, combined with more marketing. Then that fails, it could become a project with good idea's that are copied by everyone else anonymously. But if the marketing plans succeed, everyone will know those features are from KDE. ..and thereby know that running KDE means you're sitting at the front row. :-)


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