26 September, 2007

KDE Beta 3 is coming!!!

Dear people, friends & fellow gearheads,

There's a new Beta coming. Still over a week to go - it will be tagged October 3th and released one week later. But last time we started writing the announcement a week before it's official release (shortly after tagging) and we had a delay of one day (and some stressful days for the promo ppl).

I'm not a big fan of being late. So, I started writing the announcement and overview of what's new on September 18th already. That should do it.

And I think now is the time to start asking for great stuff, features, things which should be mentioned. It's all most tagging time, so not much cool will get in Beta 3. So, everyone who wrote, read or heard about or just saw some cool feature - put it on the announcement page.

Don't be afraid to put things there which might not be important, or things that might have been from before beta 3 - I'll check, I'll write. Links to blogs or just a commit are highly appreciated, though, as it makes the above much easier. And no, you don't have to be a developer to do this! Anyone who occasionally reads the dot, or follows some mailinglists, or the planet, hangs out on IRC - all of you who know something about the development can contribute here. Look at the page, see if something is missing, and if it is, just add it. And if you feel like it, yes, you can write something more elaborate.

It's easy, it helps KDE. So why not?

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