20 September, 2007

The $10,000 Music API Challenge

Now I think some the Amarok ppl might be qualified for this, and interested as well. Of course, not just Amarok ppl - there are many more talented hackers in the KDE community that are probably interested in spending time on sharing music API's ;-)

Now I dunno about the particular pro's and con's of the Music Locker and mp3tunes, but I do know Robertson. He might not be the biggest freedomfighter out there, not a Richard Stallman, but I'd pick him over the Steves (Jobs and Balmer) anytime, any day. So I thought this was worth mentioning...

From the article: MP3tunes is having a music contest. You won't have to sing or perform to win. You won't get an American Idol record contract but you could have a bigger impact on the future of music than any media-manufactured star.

-> it's about designing an API for connecting to devices and the Music Locker, so you can listen to your music anywhere and however you want. Sounds neath, right? So if you're tired of KDE development for a minute and wanna make a buck (the 10 best api's get $1000), have a look ;-)

And maybe DIGG it...


  1. Hej Inge,
    Did you read that? Now that we won the Qt Centre Programming contest in the Desktop Application Category, let's extend Marble a bit to let it play music ... ;-)


  2. Hmmmm... why does this sound ever so slightly familiar? :-D


    - Nikolaj

  3. @Nikolaj: this is exactly why I thought about you amarok PPL - you know such API's (THAT API) already... quite an advantage!


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