06 September, 2007

KDE 4 Beta 2, Tagua

I've been busy working on the Beta 2 announcement (please read it, it took many hours to compose...), and a Tagua announcement. Now that last one was funny. Paolo contacted me, asking if I would wanna work on it, and well - I did. Tagua is the new KBoard, and boy, is it cool. Not to take away the fun of the announcement, but really - gorgeous graphics & animations. I urge everyone capable of doing graphics ('artists') to get going with it, it's really neath. Same for those who miss their favorite boardgame in KDE: Tagua is a generic boardgame app, and it's very easy to write another one. It only has two games (with each 2 variants) now, so more would be great.

And I didn't even mention the fact you can play it over the internet or a network yet, did I? Yeah, it's good. Really good. Very KDE, still, though, as it's pretty configurable - esp in the graphics area. I already suggested to tone that down a bit...

Now onto the Beta 2 announcement, I must say I'm looking forward to start working on the beta 3 one ;-)
Sebas suggested some improvements to the process and final product, and I'm gonna work on that to make his work easier. Of course, I have to thank Danny as well, not only for the review but also telling me how horrible my spelling mistakes are, and that I should really do something about them. So I'll try. Sir, yes, sir.

Last, I think I should blog more, but I have no time. There is so much cool stuff going on, and my personal life is busy as well. I've applied for a job (and it's likely I'll get it), to name just one thing.

And to join the gang - KDE 4 is indeed becoming usable. I won't be using it as default yet, but yeah, soon. Maybe even next beta already... Go, KDE, you Rock :D