26 September, 2007

videos are cool

As I gotta give a talk about KDE 4 in about two weeks, I thought about preparing a little. I'd like to make it as visual as possible, as I'm not such a technical person. So screenshots. But what about screencasts? I can make a screencast me, right? Sure, not even hard. So I present you a screencast of Dolphin, showing off the smooth animations in KDE 4 (not so smooth in the video).

Yes, it uses the plastik style. I'm sorry. But Oxygen is right now so seriously broken, I didn't have a choice. The next screencast will have Oxygen OR Bespin, a cool, configurable and flexible new KDE 4 style. (Bespin is what Oxygen used to be before Akademy, so it's heavily inspired on the first Oxygen mockups, but very configurable - which makes sense as it's written by the author of Baghira!!!)

---> above was written a little over a week ago.

I wanted to re-do the video, but I made a mistake in making a youtube account - I used another email adress than the one here, so I can't couple my blogger account and youtube. Removed the youtube account - but my name is still used :(

So I planned to blog only about this when I figured out how to solve this, and keep this blog as a draft.

Then I found my video. Yes, stumbled upon it. apparently, it wasn't removed with my account (?) and even got quite a few viewers. Aaah well. So lets post this anyway.

Here's the video.