05 October, 2007


While making screenshots for my presentation, I found a few bugs. First in the file open/save dialog, where drag'n'drop to the bookmark bar on the left didn't work. Yes, DID not, Rafael Fernández López fixed it a few hours after my report ;-)

Now there's a weird problem in dolphin, which I stumbled upon while I was making a screencast - the Columns view doesn't work properly with Split screen mode - see the Youtube video:

As there's a huge bugfixing and coding frenzy going on (do you guys ever sleep? I think there's an average of 100 commits/hour right now, been like that since yesterday). So I hope this gets fixed too. Rafael is already in contact with Trolltech about the "horizontal scrolling in Dolphin's Columns view goes with 1 pixel per scroll" issue. Boy, is that a busy guy :D

Anyway. If someone has a working Dolphin, I'd love to see a screencast like the one I made earlier - but then with Oxygen style, and also with some Columns view animations.
I can't get kde to compile right now - which makes sense with our Special Extra Extra Binary Incompatibility Day - but you know, I've got a presentation tomorrow and I want to show off some stuff ;-)

Back to the (too much) work I have...


  1. Hi Jos!

    Rafael already forwarded me your bug-report + video from Dolphin. We are aware about this issue and it is related to a quite nasty bug in KDirLister when having 2 instances working on the same cache (the same issue happens if you work with the column view + tree view panel in parallel).

    It is non-trivial to fix but we are quite sure that we can provide a patch within the next weeks :-)

    Best regards,
    Peter Penz

  2. Neath ;-)

    Did I mention already you guys rock?

  3. Hi Jos, love your work but I can't bear it anymore! What does 'neath' mean? Is it an in-joke, or do you mean 'neat' ? Sorry to be picky as your english is leagues better than my dutch I'm sure, but Neath is the name of a bad rugby team I support and is not usually associated with superlatives!

  4. thank you, I guess I need a contextual spellchecker ;-)

  5. Hi Jos!

    I've spend the last hours fixing the column-view issue. There are still some issues open (e. g. when the view is split the background gets white even for inactive columns), but the big behavior issue you show in the video is fixed now :-) I'll polish the column view during the next weeks, so don't be worried about the many minor issues you still might face...

    But thanks a lot for the testing and giving feedback!

    Peter Penz

  6. Sounds great, peter! Nice work on that.

    Dolphin rocks :D


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