30 October, 2007


OK. Next time I give a talk (saturday) I will shave.



  1. Heh, I'll be checking on that Jos :P

    See you on Saturday

    Thomas a.k.a Merlin :)

  2. I love you to, wade. And you persuaded me to get of the couch and find a job. I'll be start tomorrow in my new position as 'junior consultant'.

    @Merlin: See ya in Dresden ;-)

  3. See how fast that works? The world's unemployed free software developers could all find employment within 24 hours using only a simple razor.

    I'm the new Oprah.

  4. Is that video going to be online?

  5. @greg: what video, of me shaving? No... But the presentation I gave, is supposed to be put online, they're just having a hard time getting it online. It's rather big (16 mb) and is accompanied by 22 mb of movies - and OO.o doesn't handle that very nice...

  6. ah, c'mon. 5 o'clock shadows are seksy and say, "i don't give a damn about your useless social pigeon holes!"

    don't listen to wade. he just takes great mirth in trying to get others to be conformists/sellouts. ;)


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