10 March, 2011

YESSS, it is out!!!

Friends! It is out!. That means that after 8 months of hard work, you can finally...Or, if you're tired of all the work on openSUSE 11.4 - sit back, relax and watch the news flow on twitter, identi.ca, Facebook and all those other social media outlets. And be sure to join in the chatter! Our hashtag is #opensuse as usual and help in getting the word out is appreciated!

Get 11.4

Play with Plasma Desktop and Netbook 4.6.1, GNOME 3 SHell preview, XFCDE 4.8 (which is a very good release, btw, working on an article about it) and for those with older hardware the cool LXDE.

I was enjoying some of the goodies already - running the KDE apps 4.6 on my laptop (Kate is awesome and I love the better performance+stability of Plasma&Kwin) and GNOME Shell at home. But now the whole thing, awesomeness :D

Congratulations and mucho huggggz to everyone involved in 11.4!!! I know it is awesome and as soon as I really feel awake and can get my eyes of IRC and twitter for a minute I'll upgrade ;-)

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