15 March, 2011

HCC linux Day and the NL release party

HCC Linux Day in May

Yes, as I blogged before, Saturday May 21 there will be a HCC Linux day (news updates here). And openSUSE will be there. Soon you'll find the HCC Linux day page on the openSUSE Ambassador events page! If you're interested in helping out, just let me know. No, you don't need any special skills or a lot of knowledge - you'd be surprised how little the average visitor knows of linux and openSUSE. And if they have harder questions, you can ask one of the other team members - so you'll learn something too ;-)

openSUSE release party in NL

18 March 2011, from 17:00 onwards in the Novell office in Utrecht an openSUSE release party will be held! Of course, everyone is welcome. What do you need: be there. What do you get: fun, pizza, some beers, an openSUSE presentation/demo, some big surprise and of course party.

So if you are in NL at either of these dates, you know what to do!

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