15 March, 2011


Today I did a makeover of my blog. Thought - hey, I can fix the bad looks in 10 minutes, right? Guess again ;-)

But it is done. I am an absolutely horrible artist but I could draw on the awesome work of Marcos "SUSEspain" B.R. (isn't CC licensing wonderful?) and of course the blogger team. Next up: a proper domain name...

Oh, I butchered Marcos' wallpaper as the original didn't fit my blog & was too sharp. So - what you see is a horrible version of his original work which you can find (together with his other stuff) if you click on it below!

Marcos, if you read this, awesome wallpapers dude!

edit: and I forgot to add these but didn't want to let you all miss out on it: on the right pics of an LA airport makeover. They have a sense of humor over there...