05 March, 2011

flash 10.2

Anyone who has updated to the latest Adobe Flash, you can fix video's (which are now pink on sites like Youtube) like this:

Step 1. Right click on a flash content (I went to this flash site http://moodstream.gettyimages.... and simply right clicked on the page)
Step 2. Choose the entry "Settings..."
Step 3. Unclick entry "Enable hardware acceleration"
Step 4. Click "Close"

And done :D

Enjoy non-pink video's again!

why oh why

The issue is probably caused by the crappy video driver situation on Linux... Or just crappy engineering on Adobe's side, something we've gotten used to by now, haven't we?

Let's hope HTML5 will help us get rid of Flash once and for all. And let's hope we've learned our lesson and don't jump from one hole into another by adopting a non-open codec like x264 instead of WebM or Ogg or something else really open. Yes, of course open includes being royalty-free - how can you call anything 'open' or 'a standard' if there are limits on who can implement it?

Aaah well, live ain't perfect. So relax, enjoy your weekend and if you live in Brazil - Carnaval on Monday and Tuesday!