02 March, 2011

LibreOffice and openSUSE 11.4

Happy to see LibreOffice going strong... This article analyzes the contributions to LibreOffice. Some impressive numbers - 133 new contributors already!!! Even Canonical has send in a patch to fix something... Meanwhile Michael Meeks' team (Novell) is leading the 'corporate contributors' pack. And yes, openSUSE will be the first major linux distribution to ship LibreOffice - and it'll be good, thanks to that involvement in LibreOffice development.

Sean Michael Kerner mentions this fact and our upcoming release in his blog on internetnews.com where he also quotes our AJ on several infrastructural improvements. We do need to educate him and explain openSUSE isn't exclusively a Novell product - with so many volunteers involved and the work going on to set up a Foundation you simply can't claim that anymore... We're leading the pack in that area as well and we need to be vocal about that!

PS will blog on the Marketing Meeting we had last week soonish, need to catch up to some urgent things first... Especially sleep!