02 March, 2011

LibreOffice and openSUSE 11.4

Happy to see LibreOffice going strong... This article analyzes the contributions to LibreOffice. Some impressive numbers - 133 new contributors already!!! Even Canonical has send in a patch to fix something... Meanwhile Michael Meeks' team (Novell) is leading the 'corporate contributors' pack. And yes, openSUSE will be the first major linux distribution to ship LibreOffice - and it'll be good, thanks to that involvement in LibreOffice development.

Sean Michael Kerner mentions this fact and our upcoming release in his blog on internetnews.com where he also quotes our AJ on several infrastructural improvements. We do need to educate him and explain openSUSE isn't exclusively a Novell product - with so many volunteers involved and the work going on to set up a Foundation you simply can't claim that anymore... We're leading the pack in that area as well and we need to be vocal about that!

PS will blog on the Marketing Meeting we had last week soonish, need to catch up to some urgent things first... Especially sleep!


  1. Gentoo has LibreOffice already - isn't it major distribution?

  2. It's a surprisingly broad effort and the fact that so many have joined and contributed this early -- along with the Document Foundation's fundraising success this week -- means it's off to the best start of any open source project I've seen in 20 years. Good work Novell. Good work to the openSUSE for pushing LibreOffice to the repositories first.

  3. OpenSUSE first major Linux distribution to ship LibreOffice? Since when isn't Debian a 'major Linux distribution'? If it isn't, then none of the others are 'major' either. Libreoffice was added to Debian Feb. 24. it's good that OpenSUSE follows up though.

  4. Any chance the KDE themeing support could be fixed? Just from a quick look I've noticed the following:

    1. Scrollbars show secondary up/left buttons, but it looks as if the underlying code is not aware of this. Pressing on the secondary button activates the scrollbar. The scrollbar seems to think it is 1 stepper button longer than it is drawn.

    2. Radio buttons in menus are clipped.

    3. In the "Window" menu, a radio button is used to indicate which document is active. The active document is indicated with a radio button with no "dot", and the inactive has no radio button.

    4. Menuitems have different heights depending on whether they have an icon or not.

    5. Very small, unthemed, arrows on menuitems that produce sub-menus.

    6. The frame linewidth of frames, scrollviews, etc. appears to be too small (noticeable in options dialog).

    7. Line edits, and spinbuttons, have no border.

    8. No indication of the default button on most dialogs.

    9. Checkboxes in listviews are clipped - e.g. in Options - Load/Save - Microsoft Office.

  5. Please, even if I agree with you, this Canonical bashing is tiring. I use openSUSE and promote it. Please increase awareness of the openSUSE strengths and selling points, and stop this regular bashing any time you get the occasion. Look everywhere, lots of people are already doing it.

    You don't need that to improve and progress, and you will look a lot better.

    You used to do it this way with KDE : spread the love, not the hate!

  6. Gentoo, Debian and Arch:

    All of them major distributions - all of them with Libreoffice.

    Novell/Suse has a long tradition of bashing Ubuntu. Probably because Ubuntu forced them to completely revamp their installation. Ubuntu is more important to Novell than any other distro. After all it's Ubuntu who distributes Mono too the people. Not Opensuse.

  7. Great job to all who finally liberated the suite from Sun/Ocralce and who plan on making it better. But still, is LibreOffice really the official name?

  8. DKMS for NVIDIA users, is that too hard to do under SuSE?

  9. About the major distro thing - sure, all distro's have LIbreOffice in some repository. No distro in the top 5 ships it in a stable release yet. So that's what openSUSE will be first in.

    On the Ubuntu bashing - I don't even mention Ubuntu and positively mention that Canonical contributes to LibreOffice - now what is wrong this time?

  10. You are like a kid bashing others. If you don't like, don't use it. Are you envy?

    And it isn't good for the openSUSE community if you do this.


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