16 August, 2009

Who wants to write a dot story 2!

Hi all,

As some of you might have read, the KDE forums are phpBB forum of the month. Who's up for writing a story about that with an interview with someone at the phpBB forum development community?

I've already written a start for the article you could use (don't have to, of course) so it's easy and quick to get started. Send an email to kde-promo or to me personally if you want to help!

And please don't think stuff like 'but my english sucks', dot stories are always reviewed by some native English speakers (and yes, they review mine, if they didn't the stories would be ridden with spelling and grammar and style mistakes).

Check my email to the promo list for more info. And even if you don't have time during this and next week, you could still subscribe to promo and help another time!

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