07 August, 2009

clutter/Qt/Arthur etc

Dear lazyweb,

I've been looking a while for some info about Clutter which just released version 1.0 and how it fits in the big scheme of things. Yes, I've read their website, but it doesn't help ME much... I've heard comparisons of Clutter and Qt's Arthur but googeling Clutter and Arthur isn't gonna help me either ;-)

I know you could use Clutter in KDE apps, and I've seen that KMPlayer does that. So what are the advantages to that?

I did find this reasonably extensive comparison between Qt and GTK: http://techfreaks4u.com/blog/?p=1021

It is informative but doesn't tell me that much about Clutter, besides it is probably outdated already considering the usual speed of development...

Anyone who can provide me with a (preferably unbiased) writeup?