06 August, 2009

Mandriva is SOO COOL :D


I just removed a blog which was unfortunately ridden with responses to a (admittedly rather stupid) misconception I had about Mandriva... I'm so sorry to all Mandriva ppl! Helio and all other ppl wearing a mandriva t-shirt ... wait, that's wrong, I can't offer beer to anyone wearing a mandriva T-shirt, Helio might just bring 400 of those to next Akademy and I'm done... Ok, Helio, you get a beer. Drink it for all Mandriva users.

Seriously, guys & girls, I love Mandriva. I'm one of the oldest dutch Mandrivaclub members. I've just been out of touch for a while, clearly ;-)

I promise: Next time I'll do a bit more reading before posting a blog. And I also promise to stay around for at least 10 minutes so I can fix things instead of leaving for a 1.5 hour trip just after hitting 'publish' :D

BTW did ANYONE grog the REAL topic of my (now removed) blog?!?


  1. "BTW did ANYONE grog the REAL topic of my (now removed) blog?!?"

    Either one of those three ;-)

    - People using Arch Linux are so satisfied that they pretty much start to ignore other distros

    - You vigourously discuss KDE releases with the regulars at osnews.com even though they don't listen

    - There is no such thing as a locked door for members of the KDE community?

  2. You made a mistake! You should never blog again!


  3. Arch Linux FTW! Phrakture is my homeboy! Allan broke it!

    Seriously, though, I don't think “commercial” distros are so bad anymore. If you want to use it, and want to contribute, I don't think it takes more than a mail and willingness to show some dedication.

  4. Sir, thank you. After reading this I tried Mandriva KDE on my sister's machine. It turned out that they really made KDE look cool.

    And I'm one of those KDE-haters. I mean ex-KDE UI Hater.

  5. @setec: hehe. You got it three times ;-)

    @Tom: ehm... I'll drink over it, OK? Rum? You bring the Jerk Chicken. (ok, only a few Jamaicans will understand that but hey I can't help myself)

    @last anonymous: so at least SOMETHING good came out of this, besides me feeling like an ass...

  6. bad boy, you deserve to be punished!

    you are sentenced to using gnome until next Xmas, then your case will be reevaluated and you are maybe allowed to switch back :-)


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