06 August, 2009

Mandriva is SOO COOL :D


I just removed a blog which was unfortunately ridden with responses to a (admittedly rather stupid) misconception I had about Mandriva... I'm so sorry to all Mandriva ppl! Helio and all other ppl wearing a mandriva t-shirt ... wait, that's wrong, I can't offer beer to anyone wearing a mandriva T-shirt, Helio might just bring 400 of those to next Akademy and I'm done... Ok, Helio, you get a beer. Drink it for all Mandriva users.

Seriously, guys & girls, I love Mandriva. I'm one of the oldest dutch Mandrivaclub members. I've just been out of touch for a while, clearly ;-)

I promise: Next time I'll do a bit more reading before posting a blog. And I also promise to stay around for at least 10 minutes so I can fix things instead of leaving for a 1.5 hour trip just after hitting 'publish' :D

BTW did ANYONE grog the REAL topic of my (now removed) blog?!?