14 August, 2009

picture viewers/editors

Hi all!

Scanned an A4 using my HP all-in-one. It doesn't print (days of struggeling) but the first time I choose 'scan image' from KWord it worked all fine. Life's like that, I suppose. And I primarily bought it for the printing. Blegh.

Anyway, that's not the topic. The scanned image is, in a way. I scanned with defaults, so that's 600 DPI - resulting in a rather large 7000x5000 something pixels. Enthousiastically I opened it in Gwenview, which took at least 5 seconds to start, then freezed another 15 sec to open the file. And the file looked horrible - while the original was perfectly readable, on screen, resized to fit, it was almost impossible to read!

So I fired up showfoto. Which opened right away, showing a progress bar loading the file. And it looked great, while zooming works much smoother!

But it's not very nice to browse through pictures, like Gwenview, which is very easy to use and has all these nifty features... So I'm wondering... How about putting the thumbnail stuff, the image loading & zooming all in a lib or something and sharing it? Cuz really, showfoto and Gwenview share so much functionality and purpose yet it seems less code than they should ;-)

Yes, I'm not closely involved with either teams and I know it's easy to call for such things from the sideline. But I know both apps are actively developed, both are innovative and not afraid to experiment (I actually use both digikam and gwenview together with dolphin, showing their unique variations on the dolphin file selection mechanisms, during my presentations about KDE and innovation). Come on guys, make me even more proud of you!


  1. Doesn't Showfoto come with Digikam? Can't you use Digikam to browse your images?

  2. @ sandsmark:
    You are utterly missing the point here. This is not 'bout some guy trying to browse images, but rather about somebody spotting a chance of improvement.

  3. @sandsmark Showfoto is part of Digikam, but u have to install them separated, at-least in Kubuntu, ive used showfoto on all my pictures from Thailand, they show great improvements, but using sharping to much will make them look bad.

    Ive read best is to use refocus.

    U can open complete maps with showfoto and then u can edit every file, but its not batch editing, so I think showfoto is made for professional editing, amd gwenview is just made to view ur pictures, and cut them if u want, but with showfoto u can do much stuff.

  4. planetkde is not a bugtracker.


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