10 August, 2009

Little gem!

While reading some scientific papers with KPDF Okular I used my mouse to grab the paper and scroll.

Annoyingly, you have to click and drag all the time. Then, after reading intensively for some time, I suddenly realized I hadn't used my mousebutton for a while. Yet I read through a few pages already. Looking for my mouse cursor, I noticed it was on top of the screen. ???

So - I drag the page down, continue to drag even while reaching the bottom of the screen and lo and behold! Once you cross the bottom of the page, the mouse cursor appears on top of the screen and you can just continue to drag! I used a great feature and didn't even notice...

I've admired Okular since it was KPDF. It's clean interface, speed, powerful search capabilities and ease of use were a hallmark of Free Software. To me, Okular, while 'just a PDF reader' was clearly miles ahead of especially the proprietary competition. A showcase of just how much better Free Software can be. The lovely auto scrolling (SHIFT-Arrow down; you can now use SHIFT[arrow] to increase and decrease the speed!), easy tekst selection, the annotation support - throughout the years I've enjoyed it. Not to mention how the Okular team provides us with a great example of cross-desktop collaboration on the Poppler library.

And yet, after being a faithful user for so long, the developers still surprise me. Way to go, Okular devs!

For the dutch readers, this prompted me to add an okular section to the KDE-tips in the dutch Mandrivaclub Wiki. Showing my love for both Mandriva and KDE :D