09 February, 2010


So, on a more personal note, FOSDEM was pretty cool. Not without its flaws however - my demo of the upcoming KDE release was a huge disaster. 3 days before the conference my laptop broke down. John Layt lent his laptop to me but besides the max resolution of 640x480 on the beamer unfortunately the software installation wasn't very stable nor complete. Result: half the stuff I wanted to show didn't work properly. I had some screenshots and stuff I prepared for the release announcement and feature guide, but guess what: I had them on another USB stick. Bah.

The KDE devroom got really crowded a few times, next time we'll ask for a bigger one like we had last year...

So that wasn't great. What was great was meeting many old friends and hanging around the booth. And making some new ones in the openSuse camp I had dinner with Saturday evening. Nice and interesting food (waterzooi), beer, and interesting sharing of thoughts and ideas. A few things to follow up on - will do that later this week...

As usual I took a pic of the food ;-)

On a different note, Jeff just shared this with us: Camping out with KDE. Nice overview of Camp KDE!

Oh, for those waiting for a certain release, be patient - it should be out in about an hour ;-)

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